Before a new web content rank well, it needs some backlinks. Search Engines find our pages content best when they have linked from some pages or websites. Internal links also help connect our content and give idea to Search Engines about our website linking structure. It’s important for any website to evaluate and improve internal linking strategy, regularly. While we talk about best internal linking strategy, please make sure that Search Engine understands relationship between pages, relevance of pages and the value of pages.

Internal linking in SEO

Here is an example of an Ideal website structure:

  1. Homepage
  2. Categories
  3. Subcategories
  4. Individual pages, product pages, articles and blog posts.

In addition to ideal website structure, I would recommend to link each pages of your website internally on relevant keywords & topics, so website users and search engines find relevant pages on our website by clicking on relevant keywords, when they reading our page content.

Search Engine Crawler says “if your content and keywords of a page confuse me, you will lose your traffic”.

While we build internal links to your website, please avoid Keyword cannibalization issue.  Keyword cannibalization happens when we don’t respect Google’s guidelines regarding keyword stuffing across multiple pages. Google is very smart, now a days and it always understands what your page is about and whether or not it matches searchers intent for a particular query. This is why you can’t force product pages to rank for informational queries. It can effectively drag down your rankings for both pages.


Website Page Content Length: In general, Each Business, website and pages are unique, so content length for each page ranges from 200 to 2000 words, depending upon complexity of topic, products, services and objectives of the content.

If we talk about a business website’s main pages, each page should not be lengthy more than 3 mouse scrolls, which means, if we add a media file (video/graphic) page content should not be more than 600 words. An ideal business website page should be of 200-600 words.

If we talk about a blogs & articles, posts content can be between 500-2000 words.