Reverse Engineering our competitor’s SEO is a very important and must use SEO strategy. Because planning and executing best SEO practices won’t always guarantee us to rank on top results on SERPs, for our targeted keywords. We must figure out and analyse the SEO strategy using top-ranking websites for our targeted keywords. Here are few steps/points I use for reverse engineering for SEO projects:

Reverse Engineering SEO Practice

– Figuring out competitors

– Analyse competitors’ website, their on-page aspects, their site maps, pages, page titles, URLs, Meta descriptions, headings, canonicals and all possible information we can get about their on-page SEO strategy.

– Analyse competitors’ off page, link building strategy, their backlinks, anchor texts, keywords they are targeting etc.

– Analysing their blog, blog topics, articles and blogging frequency.

– Perform their social media analysis, all social changes they are active on, their followers, posting frequency etc.

– Analyse their Reviews, user experience with their website, what their clients/customers says about them etc.

– Analyse their unique points and loopholes.

Reverse Engineering SEO

And based on all these analysis we start my work on our client’s website and make all possible changes to their websites to beat top competitors.